The 3 steps
"Being selfish is the magical power of every true altruist."

Bright Selfishness
This world is our creation. It exists because we are perceiving it. We choose what it becomes. And this starts by taking full responsibility for everything that happens in our "reality". Our thoughts create our world. And we are the only one to decide what to think/believe/make come true.
Twilight Choice
In the so-called "reality", everything already exists in a more or less densified (invisible / matter) shape. We choose what we give shape to by deciding our preference, serenely, here and now.
Perfect Imperfection
Time does not exist. No thought is kept "once and for all". We choose our thoughts and beliefs moment by moment. It may sound daunting, but it's actually what gives us complete freedom. Our choices can always be changed. Therefore, there is no fate. Everything is possible if we choose to believe it. That also means that we will never be "perfect"... And that's exactly what makes us perfect! The idea is to be yourself, as much as possible, whatever that means.
My golden rule
“I know that I don’t know.”
In my opinion, THE ultimate truth does not exist but we can access to our own truth listening to our heart. I share MY truth… Sometimes it resonates with yours.

 LYMLO, Lead Yourself Mixing Light & Obscurity