The 3 steps
"Being selfish is the magical power of every true altruist."

Bright Selfishness
This world is our creation. It exists because we are perceiving it. We choose what it becomes. And this starts by taking full responsibility for everything that happens in our "reality".
Twilight Choice
This world is dual. One thing necessarily exists with its opposite. To want to eliminate one side of the coin means not understand this reality. But we can decide what we prefer, calmly, here and now.
Perfect Imperfection
We will never be perfect ... And that's exactly what makes us perfect! The idea is to be ourselves, as much as possible, no matter what that means.
My golden rule
“I know that I don’t know.”
In my opinion, THE ultimate truth does not exist but we can access to our own truth listening to our heart. I share MY truth… Sometimes it resonates with yours.

 LYMLO, Lead Yourself Mixing Light & Obscurity