A specific apartment I wanted, unlimited parking spaces, a body that I love, a free session with a coach, two cars, winning the lottery, learn foreign languages in a fun and effective way, see a specific plaque registration, 50.000 €, an "unexpected" meeting with a specific person, the weather I want on holiday, messages from specific people, the return to full health, waking up at a specific time without alarm clock, the 1st job position on a list of 150 (3 times in a row), rainbows, a free webinar (value $129).
I love looking at beautiful pictures but my resistance was: "It's easy for them: they are not alone, someone takes the picture." So I chose what I wanted: "I want to learn to take photos alone. I want to do it from home with someone who actually takes selfies alone". Two days later, I found "by chance" Sorelle Amore's YouTube channel. This adventurer makes wonderful selfies, and she even has a course on line to learn how to do this... Of course, I bought the course and I tried! Nothing like this to boost self-confidence... All without depending on anyone! No doubt... I wanted it, I created it!
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