LYMLO Incarnate

It is only by having a true relationship with all the parts in oneself, Light and Obscurity without distinction, that one is both powerful and serene. This way of living allows us to embody what we really are: the Union. I choose to create a world in which every one is free to be herself, no matter what it means. I choose to materialize a reality in which each being remembers who she really is. Here are the tools I use when I play “the one who exists and who shares her understandings” 😘

The book

The book “Serene (e), here and now” explains the essence of the Method called LYMLO. The reading is a prerequisite for any coaching *. You can get it on Amazon or in pdf format on the site. The reading is more than strongly recommended before ordering a group session or an individual session.

The intensive

A group is constituted for 3 days of intense work that aim to implement deeply the method LYMLO in your daily life. The dates of the next weekend are indicated on the product sheet.

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The webinars

Free webinars give you an idea of the work you can already do in your daily life.

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