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Building reality

The dream of this night is extremely precise, very “real”, very concrete… But I had decided this dream before I fell asleep. So, as I opened my eyes this morning, I had no doubts about the fact that this dream was entirely my creation. Reality is my dream I always say this, and every time…
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Connect the data

When you realize that everything is under your eyes, you can make the choice to slow down a little. And by doing this, the links become ridiculously obvious. Everything is connected I have already talked about this in the article “All leads to this” but I lived yesterday an anecdote that opened my eyes in…
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The art of manifestation

When it comes to creation, I tend to focus on what I can’t manifest. There is nothing wrong with that, but it might be time to see also what I already manifest perfectly! The others are me I have already explained the fact of saying “I” rather than “he/she/the situation”, and the creative power that…
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All leads to it

Do not rely on appearances and keep in mind one certainty: all leads exactly to what I really want, even if I do not understand it immediately. A mistake? The facts Yesterday the events were chained to the speed of light, and this anecdote made me understand an essential thing. Everything happens the same way…
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This is already the case

Put into practice what I know. Living like this every day, moment by moment. It scares me. My greatest apprehension is to find myself alone… But isn’t that already the case? Watch it twice The reflection of the past The more I spot things that are not aligned with my way of thinking, the more…
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Be like water

Bruce Lee said that… Doing the dishes, I realize how true it is, especially when it comes to materialize what you want. Put the water When a dish is difficult to clean, you “soak” it. You take the responsibility to put water. But you let the water do its thing alone. Have you ever tried…
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I want to create quite simple things, like pretty braids in my hair or customers to spend nice time with. No extravagances for now … Just a desire to create. Clean the cupboards Say goodbye I watched the subscriptions I had on different social networks. I “said goodbye” to everything that did not correspond to…
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Only me

I want to feel that everything happens because it is my decision, even if I’m not always aware of it. I want to feel that I have the responsibility and the power over everything, moment by moment. It may seem presumptuous. It is not since I am alone here. And so is everyone. We are…
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So today is my rebirth. It’s a good day. I like the number 21. What is my rebirth about? It consists in putting into practice what I’ve been knowing internally for several years not, without being able to “systematically” practice it for now.