About You

LYMLO method helps spiritual seekers to concretely embody the Union of their Light and Obscurity in their daily life so that they can feel powerful and serene. This help is given using group and individual coaching.

Therefore, the coaching is not for everyone.

You are not one of the people I work with if…

  • You are not interested in the meaning of your life,
  • You do not get involved in a spiritual and concrete approach,
  • You wait for ready-made solutions
  • You want me to confirm your beliefs,
  • You think that life is already drawn,
  • You think that a person outside of you can know your truth better than yourself…

You are one of the people I work with when…

  • You like searching for meaning,
  • You have already tried spiritual methods,
  • You know that your thoughts have a power on your reality,
  • You want to have a new light on your situation,
  • You are ready to change your beliefs,
  • Deep down, you know that you are the only one to know your truth…


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