About Me

You are Me, I am You.
We are meaning seekers.

A little more about me…

I am a perfect imperfection and I dedicate my life to understand the meaning of it.

My name is MarieLaure. I am animated by an unfailing, powerful and sharp compassion!

When people describe me, here are some of the words that they generally pronounce: free, whole, passionate, different, experienced, authentic, concrete, determined, spicy.

As a child, I had premonitory dreams, I spoke to spirits, constantly I saw mirrored numbers, and I already felt that there was more than this “reality”.

As a teenager, I did tarot readings, I wrote secret codes, I wanted “more”.

Later I did channeling and was able to read the “future”.

For many years, I tried to fit into the box, damaging myself a little more every day. The symptoms of my lack of self-love were anorexia, depression, bulimia, osteopenia, herniated discs, sexual assault, rape, suicidal cravings, various and varied addictions.

One day, I decided that I was tired of trying to be what I was not.

I chose to love myself as I was, without wanting to change anything… And that changed everything!

I did many trainings

I am a practitioner of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing®, Reiki, Psychological Tarot, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) ®, Psychogenealogy, Numerology, Thai Massage and Cranial Massage. I followed the coachings of Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale about the Law of Attraction… However, in my daily life, despite all this new knowledge, I was not “happy”.

Everything I read, everything I studied, gave me a taste of incompleteness and separation. And I wanted the Union.

Better than that, I was the Union. That of my contradictions, my lights and my shadows without dictation.

I did not understand how people could denigrate their true nature and pretend to be “perfect”… Until I realized one day that others were Me. I was the one who once hated myself, I was the one who was persuaded to know the truth, I was the one who was intolerant and was waging war.

You want to change the world? Start by changing yourself!

Seeking the meaning of life has always occupied my days (and often also my nights). Over the years, I built and experimented relentlessly a personal way of living. Today I call it LYMLO (Lead yourself Mixing Light and Obscurity).

I create a world, my world. Every situation and person who plays a role in it are also my creations. Therefore they are all my responsibility. This is where I find my power.

I know without a doubt that all these facets are Me in one form or another. This is where I find my ability to be Serene, here and now.

In bulk, here are some of my peculiarities!

I wear an Irezumi. I am introverted, Sagittarius and a 33 life path. I eat a lot of eggs. I am able to change everything if I feel that those things are no longer coherent with what makes my heart vibrate. I can write fast on my computer or my phone. I saved two people from drowning. I speak English, Spanish and Japanese. I do yoga almost every day. I already had more than 8000 subscribers on a YouTube channel. I have a plate of metal put in my back. I talk to flies to go outside. I did a pilgrimage to Japan and I celebrated my 33 years at the top of Mount Fuji. I paint in a channeled way. I often sing in my car. I wrote 3 books. I repair water leaks by thought. I meditate while cleaning.

My experience

I have always passed on my knowledge and helped people to feel powerful and to embrace their perfect imperfections. I have accompanied more than 800 children ages 4 to 18, as well as nearly 500 adults. I have been a spiritual researcher for more than 40 years and I have been transmitting my findings since 2010 in an official way.

But my real experience is that of my life. It’s because I myself have been in your place and I’ve changed things, that I know what it’s like to be in a “shitty” situation and want to find a concrete and immediate solution!

Some common points can be found between LYMLO and Abraham Hicks, Jack Canfield, the work of Katie Byron, the Ho’oponopono method… We do not invent anything, we reinvent what has always existed!


The reason for LYMLO

What I choose to create

Neither “I” this world either, but I choose to play fully the game of creation. I choose to discover that life makes sense, and that I can be myself in a serene and powerful way, here and now. Freed from illusion, I create a magical world where each being allow herself to love unconditionally her perfect imperfection. A world where, finally, life has a logical meaning!

My life, My choice

I choose to create the Union, here and now, within myself and within others.

My daily practice

I take full responsibility for everything that happens in my world.

I respect my perfect imperfections and make them live in a frank and visible way.

I connect to my power and my serenity.

I go further in my research by “putting to the test” my beliefs.

I respect my difference and that of my “facets”.

I surround myself with people who resonate with my faith.

I remember that all this is just a game!

I choose the Union.

I do not forget to forget

September 2019, I realized I was stuck in the so-called reality. I was a teacher, a spiritual one as we call it. And I was limiting myself. I was separating myself from all the other Me who were gently waiting to be allowed to be experimented.

So I said “goodbye” to my customers, I decided to stop my previous YouTube channels, I stopped posting on social media.

And I begun a new chapter.

The one where I allow myself to incarnate the “non existing Me”.

Where nothing is planned.

Where everything is possible.

Let’s jump in the Union of all the parts in me!

And I have no idea where that will lead!!!


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