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A spiritual beer

A spiritual beer

We have two ways to change. The first is the “let’s go” mode. We choose what we want, and we rush headlong without letting anything stop us. This has its advantage. The second way is the “self-respect” mode … It has another advantage!

The way I changed

I have spent most of my life using force to move me forward. Whether it was at the professional level, at the personal level, or at the health level, I needed my “dose of pain” to convince myself that I could succeed in doing something.

This way of doing things brought me good results. It always does.

That’s how we stop smoking, we convince ourself go to sports, or we work for a company that we do not like: we motivate ourselves. We use our will! (This last one gets very good press!)

What’s bred in the bone…

In 2012, I was at peak of my bulimia attacks, I felt very bad in my body and I was exhausted to fight against me.

The more I tried to control myself, the worse things got.

It’s like when you throw out your cigarette packets and say, “This was the last one”, or throw in the trash the chocolate spread pot and the bread, thinking, “At least here, I am sure I won’t eat them. ”

Well, you know what? It does not work! Because you will buy a packet tomorrow, and, trash or not, when the crisis is there, it is not this kind of detail that stops us!

I moved during the summer of this year. I decided that I could not take it anymore. I “gave up.” I did not have the strength anymore. I was going to “stay like this”. I was going to have binge eating all my life, but at least I was going to stop being pulled.

From the union comes the change

It was in July 2012. In October, my weight was fine, and I had not had binge eating for several weeks. At that time I just realized that “I had changed” without doing anything… Or rather, by doing only one thing: stop the fight, choose the union with all the parts of me.

So why this title? What is the relationship with beer?

Well, you may have noticed I have some dependent sides! Food, alcohol, sex, … I never did drug because I know that if I did, it would be the overdose! So I avoid!

A few months ago, I densified with conscious the part of me who likes to escape with alcohol. So I was drinking 2 or 3 beers every night.

I did not struggle with myself, but I decided that I had a new preference: to drink something else!

A few days ago I made the remark: “Well, I have not drunk alcohol for ages!” How come I did not realize it? Why did have no effort to make to get what I wanted?

Well, the key is there! I remained in the respect of the part in me that was present. I chose my preference and I did not care! I let them do their business!

And it works for everything!

What is your method?

Both methods work. Only the experience is different.

There is no better choice than another. But I know that I choose the second one.

Both bring the same result.

The second option does it smoothly.

Concrete spirituality

  1. I honestly look at the facts and find the advantage that I have in the current situation
  2. I respect this part in me of which I choose to change the density/form
  3. I choose my new preference
  4. I continue to live my life by letting these parts take their new forms, without disturbing them every five minutes to see if they have understood what I want !


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