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What is your value?

What is your value?

When we look at the world, we tend to make a lot of judgments. We give value to things or people who cross our path. This value depends only on one thing: the one we attribute to ourselves!

“Too much” or “not enough”

When going shopping or when it comes to spending “our” money, we look at the label and our words are often: “too expensive!”

In reality it is not “too expensive”, but we judge the price too high compared to what we expect to receive in exchange. Basically, we feel that we will lose something if we accept the exchange. Because in reality, it is only about this: an exchange.

Nothing is “too expensive”. But some things are not up to what we expect from the exchange. That is not worth it.

Similarly, we refuse to buy certain products because their “too low” price is synonymous, according to our criteria, of poor quality for example.

In fact, again, all this is subjective.

Where we perceive a bad quality, others will see a very good deal!

What value do we attribute to ourselves?

These value-related ideas are present in every area of ​​our lives: our time, our relationships, our health, our activities, our work.

Depending on the value we attribute to things, we exchange with joy… Or without!

So the question is not what value do I give to things (or people), but what value do I give to myself? And this gives the value to my external world.

How often do we silence our value in favor of our fear of being alone or unemployed? How often do we turn a deaf ear to the royal part in us who knows very well that it is out of the question to sell off?

As always, there is nither “good” nor “bad” way of living, but we can become aware and decide on our preference.

Self esteem

How we esteem ourself has no connection with the outside world. Only with us. This is the very meaning of the word “self-esteem”: how much I value (= I judge at the height of an exchange) what I propose to the world (= my personality, my talents, my skills, my sensitivity, my strength, etc ….).

I received a message today from a person who was surprised not to see my previous videos anymore. When I replied that all the new links presenting “LYMLO” were easily found, this person replied: “Nevermind.”

I burst out laughing!


Is it the kind of people that I want to work with? No. Do I want a lot of subscribers who are in quest of “nothing”? No. Is my time worth the exchange with these people? No!!!

It’s time to stop lying to myself! These creations are perfect, but they are not my preferences! In any case, they are no longer!

Let’s look at our preferences

If we would allow ourselves to be the King and Queen that we are, what people and situations would we choose to make “less dense” in the material world? And who are those to whom we have perhaps said no until then, and to whom we want to say yes today?

We can have everything!

But we have to be clear about what we allow ourselves to receive.

The next step

I choose to be the queen of this world that does not exist!

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