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Change… Or not!

Change… Or not!

We have become used to wanting to change. We believe that as we improve, we will feel better. But this is a sign of our misunderstanding of how this “reality” works. What if it was precisely because we want to change that we feel bad?

Oops! I did it again!

Boom! I’m back in the trap! I stuck to reality!

Since about a little more than one month 1/2, I have signed up for seminars related to marketing, how to create specific plans and put them in place, how to succeed in life etc…

So I wanted to “succeed” in materializing what I wanted and, of course, I meant well.

But the principle is always the same: our thoughts create our reality.

If I sign up for seminars related to how make things work from the “matter”, well that’s what I live every day… If I want to “succeed” I draw my attention to the fact that, at this very moment, this is not the case.

And doing things like that sucks!!!

Self reminder

I’ve been living for two years or so like a hermit. I leave home once a week or every ten days to inflate the tires of my car and go to the supermarket, to the beautician and look at the world. The rest of the time I “think/work/meditate/take conscious”.

Yesterday, when I went to bed I realized that I was like these monks who meditate all day and do not leave the temple. And as always, it’s perfect… Until a little voice says to you: “Oh! But it’s not normal, you should change!” It is that of the mind that begins to get bored because “everything goes without a hitch”!

Stability in the midst of chaos

The last three days have been very hard.

When you live in consciousness, the times when you “lose” it are very dense.

It’s like a spring. A small spring doesn’t move much. A large spring has a much greater amplitude, and its movements appear as more visible too.

I realized that my return to illusion occuried because I “believed” I had to improve, change, evolve… Except that, if I think that I have to change, it’s because in the present moment I consider not to be “at the top” … And so I separate myself from some parts in me.

The mind is afraid to accept that the situation is perfect because it feels like we are going to tell it to stop working. The mind’s job is to find solutions. So if there are no more problems, what does the mind do???

A solution

The solution I found is to realize that I do not have to choose. I can have problems without believing them.

I can play dreaming, not forgetting that I am dreaming, and therefore without attaching myself to the so-called reality.

I can play to be the hermit, while allowing and respecting the part in me who wants to play the sexy-lady who will dance in a nightclub. I can play to be the one who realizes that she does not know everything, while leaving space for the part in me who wants to play to be the one who knows.

I can be all at once… And don’t get attached to anything.

And my mind has the right to be itself, without me being attached to it either.

Perfect imperfection (… Always!)

I will fall back into delusion at some point, but today I know I can be everything.

So yes, I am the creator of LYMLO, I choose to experience sharing this vision of the world… But at the same time I allow myself to be the “other” me: the one who knows perfectly well that, this is all a game.

A concrete spirituality… And a mischievous one too!

And a second reading of the logo!

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