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When was your last shower?

When was your last shower?

We take care of our dental hygiene, our intimate hygiene, our personal hygiene in general, what we eat, what we do as a sporting activity. We also regularly clean the place we live in, and even our car… But since when have we not taken care of the hygiene of what is at the origin of everything? That is to say our thoughts.

Reflection of the inside

Everything we see in matter is only a reflection of what we think. That is why we say that our thoughts create our reality.

But we often forget this truth because our physical senses are so powerful that it is sometimes very easy to go wrong and “believe” what you see.

In my eyes, the most delicate in the experience I am doing right now is this: to remain conscious of the illusion, while still participating in this illusion.

It is not always easy to not play the game of extremes: Not believing anything (and therefore lose the urge to play), or sticking to the illusion (and therefore completely disconnect our self from the “real reality”, which is the inside as a starting point).

This is the perfect imperfection: to accept that we will never be stable, since otherwise we would no longer be free to choose how we want to play (in the “forgetting” mode, or in the “knowing” mode).

The benefit of showers

I said in the introduction that we take care of our outside world hygiene. And indeed, this brings a lot of positive points. So I strongly encourage us to continue like this! Hahaha!

BUT! That is not enough.

It’s like putting deodorant after doing two hours of sports. The deodorant itself smells good but, if we do not take a shower before putting it, its smell will always be mixed with that of perspiration!

By cleaning the outside (our body, our environment, the relationships we have, or the work we do) we remove what is visible, which has accumulated.

But if we never clean up what created external situations, the “trash” will continue to accumulate.

Dealing with the cause, not just the effect

I will take a very concrete new example. Let’s pretend we’re eating outside. The weather is nice. We cook very good dishes with very good quality ingredients. We cleaned the table and chairs, we put a nice tablecloth and served fresh drinks. So we “showed” the outside.

BUT, we left the lawn mower on and this, in addition to being noisy, sends grass constantly on our pretty table.

We can spend our meal cleaning the table. This will actually allow us to have a clean table (at least for a few seconds). But it would be simpler and more efficient to go and stop the cause of the dirt: the lawn mower.

Also note that if you stop the mower, but leave the table with the grass that has been sent on it until then, it will not be pleasant either. We have to deal with both.

However, when we have actually taken care of the cause (mower) and the effect (the grass on our table), the work is over and we can take advantage of the situation.

Every day

When we work our beliefs and try to change them in order to materialise a life that is more like what we want, we often start by “cleaning our table”.

We meditate, we participate in seminars explaining how to free ourselves, we say affirmations and do rituals. This is a perfect first step because it means we are ready to act differently (Yang).

However, if these actions are not accompanied by “stopping the lawn mower”, that is to say highlighting the beliefs that we have (ie all the thoughts that are ours over the course of the day), the work is endless.

That is what gives the impression that we will never get there.

And that’s what makes things so desperate sometimes!

According to me, stop the mower (Yin) means to look every day our thoughts, and choose consciously the density that we give to each of them.

For example, every evening we can quickly look at the thoughts we had during the day, and decide: “I keep this one because I want it to take shape. So I choose to continue to think it; And I do not consider this other one like being part of my preferences, so I put it back in “non densified state.”

I have been working on this for a few days and I think that is the key.

I am convinced that, as time does not exist, it is not because we are dragging thoughts of past lives or other that these thoughts have taken such an important form in our lives.

I think rather that our life (outside/Yang) does not change much because, every day we think (inside/Yin) the same things by habit… We don’t “shower”! 😜

The next step

I choose to turn off my lawn mower, and to “shower” more often!!!

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