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Recognizing the advantage

Recognizing the advantage

We always create what brings us the greatest advantage. The mind hates this idea because, when it forgets that it has participated in the creation of everything, it does not see the advantage that it would have to create a situation that it deems negative… And yet!

Define the advantage

A situation is an advantage when it satisfies the sides inside of us that we like more than the others sides.

These parts for which we have a special affection are our “cuddly toys”, the ones we used to have, and which are often (or always) connected to beliefs in connection with the people we love.

For example, we may have an advantage in satisfying the part in our self that feels victim and has low self-esteem, because that is what our father told us when we were a child and, deep down, we do not want to question this “dear one”. So we choose to live what is said to us.

The advantage is always the situation which is the least painful.

The vision of the advantage

The mind is often mistaken because it looks at the outside version of the advantage. The mind thinks, “I don’t see the benefit of experiencing rejection or dependence.”

But in the vibratory version, beyond matter, the advantage is to be at peace with the fact of matching “what Daddy expects of me”… Even if, in the matter, the father in question never wanted this because we are the only one to project this belief.

The side of the scale

We always materialize situations that satisfy our beliefs.

It is sometimes less delicate to continue to vibrate “the child who corresponds to the idea of his father”, rather than recognizing that this father has in fact never existed apart in our head, and that we are therefore his “creator”.

Who am I if I am no longer my father’s child?

The first step is therefore to become aware of this truth: we live only situations that are perfectly aligned with the beliefs that we hold the most.

Tip over the scale

If we want to change our lives, we need to find a greater advantage to another belief. And this is only possible after 1) seriously looking at the beliefs we have here and now 2) having decided to let the old belief dissolve.

This is possible but, since our mind likes to keep things in place, we have to go smoothly!

The sweetest thing is to remind our mind that we choose Twilight: that is to say that we do not remove a belief (which served us and that we will continue to love eternally), we choose to change its density.

The next step

Today’s “next step” is a highlight that I had today. A phrase from one of my coaches when I was a child came back to me. I was about ten years old. While I had greeted an adult with a simple nod, he said, “Who do you think you are, to say hello without even open your mouth?”

I realized (thanks also to the replies of the posts of yesterday) that my current resistances are related to this belief.

Who am I if I allow myself to be me? How am I going to be OK with the part of me who knows exactly what is my worth, and who knows that I have no intention of working with everyone…? How can I find a greater advantage to be me (even if it will appear as “not humble”) rather than playing small? Well, it’s pretty easy! The day when the agacement will be too big, the all thing will explode…

Or I can choose to do differently, and stop lying to me: my decision is made.

Who do I think I am? I am Me! And it’s not for nothing that I drew this new logo.

I respect all my creations, but all my creations are not created to have me as their coach! That doesn’t stop me from loving them!

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