Lead Yourself Mixing Light & Obscurity


Serene, Here & Now

We can live our daily life feeling powerful and serene… But we must remember who we really are and act accordingly.


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The outside world is a reflection of our inner world, and most of all of our thoughts. People and situations we come across are our creation. From this understanding we finally embody the union of all parts in us; the only path to feel powerful and serene in our daily lives. Life is supposed to be a pleasant, interesting and rather cool game. And, when we understand who we really are, it becomes obvious!


This world called reality is an illusion. We create it every moment. We are therefore 100% responsible for every being and every situation that comes our way.


Neither good nor bad exists. Only some experiences that we choose to densify, or not, according to our preferences in the now.


Time does not exist. That’s what makes us free beings.


The truth does not exist. But our truth does. It is the one we choose to materialize moment by moment.


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